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Realtor Affiliate Program

Note: ONLY use this page if you HAVE NOT already joined as a member.

If you included your company name when you joined as a member, you will automatically be upgraded to Realtor Affiliate.

If you want to join ONLY as a Realtor Affiliate, and not get the free course, then please complete your registration with the form below.

Introduce our IRA Real Estate program to everybody you know as an added benefit of your real estate business.
The people you tell about Commercial Real Estate Academy will receive a complete education in commercial real estate, for free, as part of our program. They'll love you for letting them know about it :)

All you have to do is give your Affiliate Link to everybody on your email list, and suggest that they might want to take advantage of the free course in investment real estate. When they join the site, they are linked to you for future referrals. It's as simple as that.

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